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2 Player Starter House for Survival Minecraft | Tutorial!



Hi! In this Minecraft video I'll show you how to build a wooden starter house / base with a copper roof by the river in a step by step tutorial for you to start your game in Minecraft survival! This lake house design is complete with interior and exterior design ideas. It's a bit cottage like house and it also has a dock, cause you know... it's a house by the river, it HAS to have a dock, its the law! I hope you like the video! Stay safe and thank you for the support 💛😄 WATCH NEXT: ○ Build a Simple BARN with Animal Pens and Stables: https://youtu.be/txUeCCj7nbg This video was made on 1.18, thus the copper roof, but if you're making this in a version previous to 1.17 you can always replace the cooper with a oak or dark oak roof! 📸 Instagram: @dio.rods (https://www.instagram.com/dio.rods) 📱 Socials: https://linktr.ee/diorods Wanna see OTHER STARTER HOUSES? Here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBOG_3VlOXBg_lk6p-tekYIrXXQUxmLq5 ---------------------------- GAME INFO ---------------------------- 🕹️ VERSION • Java Edition 1.18.2 ✨ SHADER • BSL Shader - https://bitslablab.com 🎬 MODS • Replay Mod for recording - https://www.replaymod.com 🌼 RESOURCE PACKS • Texture: - Jerm's Better Leaves. 🌍 SEED: • -1668999135502330122 • Coords: XYZ: -33/64/1039 ATTENTION: I placed some dirt before making the video so I could have a more even platform for the build! --------------------------------- NOTES ---------------------------------- • English isn't my first language, so if it happens that the video has any grammatical errors, well then... too bad I guess... I did my best ahah • Don't reupload or modify my videos. ------------------------------ CHAPTERS-------------------------------- 00:00 - Video Preview 00:17 - Intro 00:40 - House Materials List 01:00 - Layout 01:10 - Foundation 02:25 - Walls 03:48 - Choking 04:28 - Roof Edge 06:59 - Copper Roof 08:25 - Chimney and Other Details 09:33 - Interior Materials List 09:43 - 1st Interior 10:54 - 2nd Interior 12:03 - Dock 12:51 - Ugly Carrot 13:19 - Farm and other Exterior Decorations 15:55 - House Preview (NO Shaders Included) 16:10 - Ending ignore these btw... eheh #Minecraft #DioRods #MinecraftTutorial #Tutorial #Minecrafter #MinecraftBuild #SurvivalBuild #MinecraftSurvival